Email remains one of the most popular means of marketing. It shows the highest ROI and has proven to be the best method for customer retention. Email marketers can get a $44 return from every dollar spent on their campaign. According to Wordstream, 80% of retailers say that email marketing is their most effective tool for customer retention. However, there’s a difference between decent emails that bring nice results and outstanding email campaigns that leave your competitors far behind. To boost the effectiveness of your email marketing, you should have an intuitive understanding of its core principles and keep up with the latest trends in this area.

Digital marketing — email marketing in particular — is a huge industry that is constantly developing and changing. Fortunately, you can find a lot of useful information online, learning how to adjust your strategy to bring better results. If you want to be a successful email marketer, you need to constantly improve your methods, and that’s where podcasts can help. Listening to podcasts doesn’t require you to devote time exclusively to this task. Even if you’re a really busy person, you can listen to podcasts while driving to work, cooking dinner, or jogging in the morning.


Podcasts give you an opportunity to hear opinions from respectable experts and to learn new cutting-edge techniques in the easiest way possible.

Benefits of Podcasts for Your Marketing Strategy

Not only can you learn from podcasts, but you can also create your own podcast in order to produce more diverse content, expanding your audience, and increasing engagement. Brand marketing experts at Masterra emphasize that original content can help you stand out from your competitors, as long as this content is high-quality and targets the right audience. No matter what your niche is, your customers and prospects are struggling with something. They have important questions, and they want to hear the answers. They are willing to pay for a solution and they look for relevant information online to figure out what the best solution is.

This is exactly why content marketing is so effective. A good strategy allows people to find your company when looking for answers. You can start building relationships with your future customers even before they decide to buy your product. Your brand can become a recognized authority in the industry and earn trust. Valuable content allows you to acquire and engage a well-targeted audience, understanding the needs and demands of the market.

People like different kinds of content, and you should use that to your advantage. The more diverse content you provide, the more opportunities you get to engage your audience with your brand. All you need to do is provide helpful information at no cost, adding the necessary call to action. If people read your articles, ask them to subscribe to your emails and vice versa. However, many people don’t have enough time to consume textual content so they will certainly appreciate your podcast.

Here are some key benefits of podcasting for your business:

Podcasts are easy to consume

Podcasts are more accessible than any other type of content because they don’t require your audience to focus on the content exclusively. They can listen to new episodes of your podcast while driving, exercising, or doing virtually anything else. Podcasts don’t distract people from their daily activities but make these activities more valuable.

Podcasts help to expand your audience

Every time you publish a new episode on iTunes or Stitcher, your content becomes available for thousands of people from all over the world. Many people use these platforms as search engines, and podcasting gives you the most organic exposure, boosting your reach and expanding your audience.

Opinions from experts in the industry

Most podcasts are recorded in an interview format, which allows your audience to learn from other people’s experiences, failures, and successes. Podcasting enables you to provide valuable opinions from experts, therefore increasing your credibility. In addition, your guests may decide to promote such interviews, exposing your brand to their audience, as well.

Podcasts are easy to produce and cost-effective

You will spend less time recording a podcast episode than making a video or writing an article. All you need is a microphone and software for editing. You also don’t need to possess any specific skills — just speak and record yourself.

Podcasting helps to acquire more customers

Include a call to action at the end of each episode. Prepare your landing page, a list of email subscribers, and other tools to give your listeners a clear direction. They should be able to easily follow your instructions, driving more traffic to your website and subscribing to your newsletters.

Podcasting builds trust

Audio content is personal. It allows you to not only share information but also demonstrate your authenticity and personality. Your voice makes podcasting more emotional than textual content, increasing trust, and helping you build strong personal relationships with your listeners.

Top Email Marketing Podcasts

1. Litmus Email Design

Hosts Jason Rodriguez and Kevin Mandeville talk about the news of email marketing, latest trends, and common challenges in Litmus’ 98 podcasts. They invite interesting guests and provide helpful tips that will be appreciated by everyone whose work is related to email marketing. Here you can learn about the technical aspects of email design, how to optimize your emails for different clients and browsers, including mobile software, how to improve their functionality, and how to increase engagement.

You can also learn a lot about email-oriented web design, including CSS and different types of layout. Additionally, this podcast addresses the differences between various payment systems, the future of blockchain in marketing, and many more topics.

2. Aweber Ask Me Anything About Email Marketing

This podcast was created by Aweber, a well-known email marketing company that appeared back in 1998. There’s no surprise that the team with so much experience created a comprehensive learning guide for listeners who want to learn more about email marketing strategies. Each of the 13 episodes is recorded in a question-and-answer format, which is a great format for those who are looking for solutions to a particular issue. Listeners ask their questions, and hosts, along with their guest, answer these questions, providing insights into the guest’s practice. This podcast covers a variety of topics, including email design, analysis, and the most effective approaches.

3. Really Good Emails Podcast

In the first episode of 3 free episodes, The Origin Story, the founders talk about talk about how they realized how emails are important, how they started to collect them, and how the other team members joined the company.

In the next episode, ‘’Email Benchmarks with Chad White’’, they talk about data they gathered from more than 1000 people and conclusions that can be drawn from that data.

In the last episode, ‘’Email Conferences with Felix Zeltner’’, Felix Zeltner, a conference curator, talks about a conference in NYC on December 6th, ‘’Work Awesome & Inbox Awesome – a day on the future of work and communication’’.

4. Everything Email Podcast

This podcast is a comprehensive guide to email marketing, covering the most important topics in this industry. In 15 episodes, host Kerel Cooper invites authoritative experts from the world of email marketing and discusses innovations, the most and the least effective practices, and common misconceptions. Here you can not only get insights into this industry but also hear valuable opinions on common myths and find solutions to some specific problems that all email marketers face every day. Guests of the podcast address topics such as the subscriber lifecycle, data-driven marketing, people-based marketing, and a lot more.

Other Email Marketing Podcasts

5. The Blogging Millionaire Podcast

This podcast, with over 1 million monthly listeners, focuses on everything you need to know to build a strong brand. You will find this podcast especially useful if you’re thinking about combining email marketing and blogging. Although email marketing remains the most common topic here, this podcast will also teach you how to distribute your content using other channels. It includes episodes about SEO, social media marketing, WordPress, conversion optimization, email list building, increasing engagement, and email design. Here you can learn how to effectively work with Google Analytics, Adsense, MailChimp, and other software. The latest episode provides tips on going from 100,000 to 1 million in 6 months.

Episodes about Email Marketing:

6. Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield, the host of this podcast with more than 240 episodes, shares her advice on a variety of topics associated with online marketing. For example, in this podcast, you can learn about how to increase the number of your email subscribers and how to start and develop your own online business, as well as how to increase sales and to make your company grow faster.

Here you can find many useful step-by-step guides and various masterclasses. Every episode addresses a certain problem and is intended to help you take action immediately. Along with email marketing, the range of topics includes social media marketing, online courses, etc.

Episodes about Email Marketing:

7. Marketing Smarts Podcast

This podcast already has 300 episodes, and it addresses a vast range of the most discussed issues many content marketers have to deal with. Every episode is a 30-minute conversation with some reputable expert in marketing. Experienced guests share their experience, describing interesting cases and providing suggestions on how to make the best out of your strategy and how to improve it.

Here you can get advice on storytelling, influence marketing, developing long-lasting relationships with customers, improving customer experience, increasing ROI, etc. Along with email marketing, this podcast also addresses such topics as gig economy, productivity, creativity, etc.

Episodes about Email Marketing:

8. Call to Action Podcast

Although this podcast is currently under maintenance, the archive of episodes contains tons of quality information about everything an email marketer should know. The podcast focuses on improving the customer journey and making your content more effective. Here you can find episodes about optimization, analysis, and marketing strategies that demonstrate the best results. There are many experienced guests who are always ready to share their opinions and tips, including campaign strategists, marketing directors, and data analysts. The range of topics includes email marketing, influencer marketing, branding, PPC, blogging, and a lot more. You will find this podcast especially interesting if you’re looking for quick growth hacks.

Episodes about Email Marketing:

9. Actionable Marketing Podcast

In every episode of this podcast, the best marketing minds discuss effective strategies, even those that are not popular, yet capable of bringing the desired results if you’re dealing with certain complex problems. Here you can also learn how to do proper customer research, how to increase traffic, and how to attract more customers using storytelling. There are many practical tips that will help you implement new solutions right away. This blog is not only about content marketing but also about content creation as well. In addition, guests share their tips on increasing ROI and optimizing content for search engines, as well as psychological tricks that can help you attract more attention.

Episodes about Email Marketing:

10. Marketing Over Coffee

This marketing podcast is about the newest strategies, as well as classic approaches that have proven to be effective. Its hosts, Christopher S. Penn and John J. Wall, record new episodes weekly. Every episode is about 20 minutes long and contains many helpful tips that marketers often share with each other in an informal setting. Here you can learn a lot about search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, content creation, multivariate testing, etc. The conversational tone of this show makes the information easy to digest. Both hosts have great experience in marketing and know what topics are the most interesting for their audience.

Episodes about Email Marketing:


Email marketing remains so popular because it’s effective. It is the best method for customer retention, it boosts ROI, and helps to attract more new customers. However, if you want your email strategy to actually work, you need to stay up to date about the latest developments in this area. Many online marketers are too busy and don’t have enough time to consume textual content because it requires focus on reading, distracting from everyday activities.

Podcasts from our list will provide you with lots of valuable information about email marketing, social media marketing, content creation, optimization, and customer retention. Get your daily inspiration listening to interviews with successful marketers and use their experience to boost the effectiveness of your own campaign!

Berta Melder is an experienced brand manager and content strategist for Masterra. She cooperates with different education courses covering a broad range of topics as a guest lecturer. Enjoys creative writing and blogs about everything that has to do with different digital channels. Follow her on Twitter.