Spooky Halloween email campaign examples to inspire your emails! 

65% of consumers have confirmed they will be celebrating Halloween in 2021. Last year, people were looking for safe at-home activities to celebrate Halloween despite the pandemic. But this year, people are getting more relaxed and regaining their usual Halloween traditions. 66% will hand out candy, 52% will decorate their house and garden, 46% will dress up in fun/scary costumes, and 25% will throw or attend a party.

Consumers are expected to spend a whopping $10B, a considerable increase compared to last year’s $8B total spending. This means that consumers are ready to go all out on entertainment costs!

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In this guide, we will share with you our favorite spooky Halloween email campaign examples and email subject lines to inspire your campaign!

Halloween-themed emails

The simplest and easiest way to celebrate Halloween is to launch a themed sales campaign. Using a fun email copy and a Halloween color palette, you can create a fun Halloween email while at the same time promoting product sales.

By Clear

This email is the perfect example to illustrate how you can combine colors and great email copy to create an awesome Halloween email campaign.

Your scary good deal is here 👻


The email headline saying “Scared of lines” ties in perfectly with the orange-highlighted text that describes the product.

Another testimonial block was added to increase credibility and reassure subscribers. This block was titled: “Life without Clear can be spooky”, again, playing with the Halloween vocabulary.

By Last Day

This Halloween email example follows the same technique: promoting a product that has seemingly nothing to do with Halloween but is portrayed in a Halloween themed email, which makes it work.

Last Day for $200 + Free Treats!


The email headline “Trick or Treat” combined with the pop of orange keeps subscribers in the Halloween mood while delivering the core message.

By Stack

Your Halloween emails can be as loud or as subtle as you want them to be, depending on your product/service and target readers.

Stack, an online service that delivers a set of independent magazines to your door every month, has chosen to get in the Halloween mood with a few simple elements here and there: a fun CTA (bite me), “drink my blood” in the email header, but the most obvious and important element is their magazine choice.

The unfazed optimism of Tilda Swinton


Stack made their Halloween email campaign focused around scary stories and vampire tales.

👉 Depending on the product you are promoting, your email message, and your target audience, you can choose to create a loud email with Halloween colors and puns or a keep it simple with some nods to the holiday.

By Harry’s

I love this email! You can clearly tell that this company took their time designing this Halloween email campaign. From beautiful illustrations to the witty email copy, this transactional email was adapted to fit the Halloween theme and make any hesitant customer think twice before leaving behind their free trial.

Ding dong! Here with tips, tricks, and treats


Read this email carefully and get inspired by the email copy if you want to write a Halloween-themed email copy.

Halloween/Fall-themed emails

September 22nd was the first day of fall. And brands are jumping on the opportunity to get us all in the cozy autumnal mood. Combine the fall theme with Halloween copywriting and hit two birds with one stone.

By Oopsy daisy

This email example combines all the September events in one: Fall, back to school, and Halloween!

At first glance, the orange color and images used in the bottom two columns scream Halloween. The email header “Today is the start of fall” and the main email visual put us in the fall mood. And the email copy speakers to parents whose children are going back to school.

Fall Begins TODAY with Refreshing NEW art & colors 🎃


This goes to show that you don’t have to limit your Halloween email campaigns to a stereotypical template. Define your email message and let your creativity shine.

EXTENDED: Fall Into 20% Off!

fall sales extended

In this email example, we are in full-fall gear: dried oranges and chestnut in the background, deep brown text color, and punny email header “Fall into savings”.

At the end of the email, a subtle Halloween reminder is added.

halloween reminder

By Cheryl’s cookies

Here’s another fall email campaign that ties in subtly with Halloween. The color combination with the product showcased in the email (sweets and candy) instantlty reminds us of the Halloween fun and puts us in a festive mood.

Hello fall cookies! 🍁🍪🍁


SAAS Halloween campaigns

Who said that Halloween email campaigns are exclusive to eCommerce and retail businesses? Anyone, with a little bit of creativity, can create a fantastic, high-converting Halloween email campaign.

Take Email on Acid’s most recent campaign for example:

email on acid

Using a combination of witty email copy and email design, the email is perfectly in tune with the holiday. The target audience of this campaign is email marketers and developers. As an email marketer myself, I can tell you that the horror story EOA told at the beginning of the email is truly terrifying. This shows a deep understanding of the email’s target audience.

👉 Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter which product/service you’re promoting, as long as you understand your target reader’s motivations and concerns and provide them with concrete value. You can make any holiday campaign work.

Online event invitation email

Petite ‘n Pretty thought of a great digital event for Halloween. The brand is putting in place an online class to teach kids and teenagers how to apply their makeup. Not only that, but they will also get a $100 worth of Pretty makeup to play with.

Sign up for our NEW Halloween makeup camp! 🎃👻

Sign up for our NEW Halloween makeup camp

This first-ever digital camp is thought of as a workaround to bring the community together and keep the Halloween spirit alive, all while respecting health measures and keeping safe. This email campaign has many Halloween-themed elements that get us right in the holiday spirit.

Overall, this is a great Halloween email campaign by Petite ‘n Pretty: a well-thought-out and rounded campaign that checks off all our boxes! Except for one.

The email is image-only. This means that instead of creating an HTML email that will render perfectly on all email clients and devices, the brand chose to send one image.

This is a big no-no in email design. All email experts recommend sending HTML emails to guarantee a perfect result on all devices and clients. Other solutions are available for marketers who are not familiar with HTML coding, like online email drag and drop builders.

👉 Find out why image-only emails are a big no-no!

Halloween from home

Who here hasn’t worked from home? I am writing this article right now, from home! I think a lot of us can relate to the work-from-home shift, and this email hits the perfect spot.

Plan the office holiday party ✅

work-party from homebrowse holiday invitations

A fun twist on “work from home”, a term that has spiked in popularity in the last year, makes it into “Play from home”. And with this witty email headline, you can already predict where the email is going.

Halloween at home? Sweet!


The email headline “Home for Halloween” sets up the email message perfectly. In this email, the brand recognizes that the majority of its customers will be spending Halloween at home. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy the holiday.

Free shipment emails

Companies are rolling out discounts for Holloween as usual. But one of the main focus promotion strategies this year has been “Free shipping”.

BOO! 👻 Our Halloween collection SHIPS FREE!


This eliminates one of the main deterrents to online shopping, especially that 75% of Halloween shopping will be done online this year.

The email layout works perfectly to lure in the subscriber with Halloween-themed products. And then reassures them that anything they buy will be shipped for free (or for a cheap cost).

Halloween email campaigns during Covid

We should all be protecting ourselves, by keeping our distance from each other, disinfecting our hands, and wearing face masks.

There is a market for everything! That must have been Crayola’s thoughts when they came up with their newest product: School Mask pack, and we are not mad at it.

TRICK’R’TREAT! SpOoOoky Halloween Mask Packs for KIDS!


It seems like a fun product that will delight kids in this disturbing time they’re going through. For Halloween, a special edition is created, with fun illustrations and spooky faces.

Limited-Edition Halloween Masks Available Now! 🎃

Limited-Edition Halloween Masks Available Now

In this Halloween email campaign, the company promoted their masks while referring a few classic Halloween movies. Combined with typical Halloween colors and a spider web image background, the email is right on theme.

BOO! 25% off Halloween styles


Email-only sale

People love getting exclusive benefits and feel special. Your brand can use the Halloween festivities to provide that extra care to email subscribers. An email-only discount code will do the trick.

🎃 Halloween collection has arrived in store and online!

Halloween collection has arrived in store and online

Time-sensitive discount offers

This early Halloween campaign sent by Missguided uses a very famous pressure mechanism to increase sales. The seemingly basic GIF is actually creating a sense of urgency that many readers won’t be able to shake off.

Pay week treat 40% off everything from 9am

missguided halloween offer

The discount offer is going down: from 40% to 35% and lower, customers will want to buy as fast as they can!

Early Halloween campaign

If you simply can’t wait until October 31st to send your Halloween emails, then you can start early bird Halloween campaigns, just like Fleur & Bee did.

No tricks just skincare tips 🎃

No tricks just skin care tips

From a first glance, nothing in this email really screams Halloween. But if you look closely, you’ll see that the email copy hints towards this email being part of the brand’s Halloween campaign. The smart play on words gives the email a little more character and makes it a fun read.

Product launch email

This gorgeous Halloween email is one of my favorites! I grew up watching Samantha and seeing her glide across the email template on her magical broom is utter perfection!

Something spooky launching soon 🎃 👻

Something spooky launching soon

The brand Kinder Beauty were promoting their Halloween collection that was launching soon. They sent out this email 2 days before the product launch. Their timing is great because it builds anticipation without losing the subscriber’s engagement.

👉 Learn how to create the perfect product launch email.

Mystery Halloween email

Who doesn’t love a good mystery email? This type of campaigns increases subscriber engagement rates. I for one can’t control my curiosity, and receiving a mystery email will most definetly make me click the CTA.

Re: Your Halloween bonus prize…

your Halloween bonus prize...

In this email example, we see that the brand used a subtle animated GIf of a sparkling diamond that will grab the subscriber’s attention even more and ties in perfectly with the email theme.

Halloween newsletter

In October, many companies will send halloween-themed blog newsletters. We wanted to provide one example of how this can be acheived:

  1. Email copywriting: using halloween puns and references will make your newsletter more engaging and relevant to the context.
  2. Email design: choose an orange/black/green color palette for your email. This color combination will automatically remind customer of the Halloween theme and put them in the spooky spirit.
  3. Email fonts: the font you choose can make a huge difference in how your email looks! Here’s a selection of the spookiest Halloween fonts you can use. And luckily, thanks to Chamaileon’s Custom fonts module, you can add any font you need.

OCTOBER Prevues of Coming Attractions!

OCTOBER Prevues of Coming Attractions

Wrapping up

Halloween is the most fun holiday of the year. Kids, adults, and even pets get to dress up in crazy fun outfits and eat delicious candy.

If you are planing your Halloween email campaign this year, make sure to save this article and check it out to get some inspiration. And you won’t be short on ideas with our dedicated Pinterest board and free Halloween email templates.

👉 For more Halloween email inspiration, check out our Halloween email templates’ Pinterest board!