Email marketing & design guidebooks

On this page, you will find free downloadable resources, studies, guides, and checklists that will help cover your basics and acquire advanced knowledge in email marketing & design.

email marketing & design ebooks

The complete guide to email testing in 2021

A comprehensive guide of every key element worth testing in 2021 to send high-quality emails.

email testing guide
email button design

Your guide to perfect email buttons: design & code

An analysis of 250,000 email template button designs, and a checklist on how to create high-converting CTAs. 

Everything email marketers should know about Gmail

What are the most common rendering issues in Gmail? And how to overcome them?

Gmail ebook
guide to email laws

2022 Guide to email laws: GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and CASL

A comprehensive guide to the major email laws and privacy regulations in the US, Canada, and the EU.

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