Sending an Easter email to your target audience is more beneficial for your brand than you would think. And here’s why.

Why you should send an Easter marketing campaign?

In this section, we will present a few reasons why you should consider sending an Easter campaign.

Get your piece of the pie

Despite the pandemic, more than 75% of consumers have decided to celebrate Easter last year. And according to the NRF back in 2019, the average planned spending among those celebrating Easter was around $151. Which makes the total expected spending exceed the $18 Billion mark.

This budget has steadily increased throughout the years.

Uphold the traditions that your customers love

When asked what was the main reason they were planning to celebrate Easter, 65% of the respondents said “Tradition”.

Celebrating Easter is obviously important for a lot of people, even if it is not necessarily related to religion. You can use the emotional connection customers have towards the holiday and use it to your advantage.

Here’s how you can use emotion in your emails.

Your Customers are Expecting an Easter Campaign from You

The next responses are also perfect for retailers and eCommerce shops.

Top reasons those celebrating Easter are inspired to shop

85% of people like celebrating Easter to enjoy sales, store displays, exclusive products, and retailer events.


To whom you should send an Easter email?

The same study by the NRF revealed that the majority of all age groups are planning to celebrate Easter. However, the younger generation is more excited to do so, with 85 percent of 18 to 34 year-olds taking the lead.

Percent planning to celebrate easter

When they dug a little deeper, the National Retail Federation found that younger consumers like to plan easter egg hunts, browse the web, open gifts, and shop online and in-store.

Top easter celebration plans 2019

Easter Email Subject Lines

It’s all about the egg-puns, or should I say… Peggs, puggs, eggns.. Never mind.

Here are 50 easter email subject lines that you can use for your Easter email campaign:

  1. Easter Bunny Approved
  2. Easier Than An Egg Hunt
  3. Fill Your Easter Basket
  4. ☀️ More Sun = More Savings
  5. [Chocolate Brand] Easter eggs from just [Price]
  6. EASTER SALE: selected product sets now at a special price
  7. We’re EGG-CITED!
  8. 📢 Your very last chance. Easter sales END TONIGHT!
  9. Easter Sale: Free Shipping over $29
  10. Eggstra, Eggstra: Easter 40% Off!
  12. Easter Sale Continues
  13. Our EGGstremely good Easter Sale ENDS TONIGHT!
  14. Last Chance to Save – Hurry Offer Ends Midnight!
  15. Site-Wide Easter Sale Ends Tomorrow
  16. Easter Sale Now Extended with Eggstraluv Savings!
  18. 3-Days Left! Egg-Sighting Easter | Enjoy 20% off [Product]
  19. Easter Special ending soon. So, HOP TO IT!
  20. Going, Going… The Easter Event Ends Midnight Tonight
  21. HURRY not long left to save big Easter EGG-stravaganza Bundle Hunt! 🐣
  22. Easter Promotion – Final 48 Hours ⏰
  23. 🐰Happy Easter! Happy SALE
  24. Last call: few hours remain to find our Easter present!
  26. Our Easter Sale Finishes In 59 Minutes ⏰
  27. Easter is over but you can save a little longer!
  28. The Easter Bunny left—but not the savings.
  29. Feeling the Easter bloat? Get back on track with the Cent Sale…
  30. What Pairs Well With Half Priced Easter Candy?
  31. 🐣🐰 Easter Sale Extended | From £339 pp
  32. Don’t miss our Easter SALE 🐰
  33. Too many Easter treats? We got you, girl👊🏾
  34. 50% off? How egg-citing!🐰
  36. Easter Weekend Sale!
  37. Save 25% This Weekend 🐇 🌷 Happy Easter!
  38. Your eggs-tra special Easter Offer awaits… 🐰
  39. Don’t Miss Our Popular Easter Egg Hunt
  40. Cracking! 10 Easter Giveaways Valued Over $200…
  41. Some bunny told us your pup deserves an Easter surprise…
  42. Celebrate The Long Weekend With FREE DELIVERY
  43. Eggstremely good sale inside 🥚
  44. Easter SALE! At Least 12% Off Everything! 🐰
  45. Hoppy Easter Weekend 🐰🌷
  46. Mystery Easter Gifts This Weekend! Shop Now
  47. Last chance for your mystery gift
  48. 🐰Easter Egg Hunt: 30% Off Select Shades
  49. Instant Win! Join The Easter Egg Hunt for your FREE Palette 🥚🐰🐥
  50. Too Early? No! It’s Time to Get Ready for Easter

Create an Easter email campaign

We are following Lenox, a company selling dinnerware, serve-ware, and décor, as they send Easter emails for their 2020 email campaign. The company is promoting its Easter decor and serve-ware through promotional emails.

Lenox has already started sending their 2020 easter emails. In this section, we will feature all the emails that Lenox has sent out this year, and until Easter, we will keep updating this blog post with new emails.

First Email – Fill Your Easter Basket

Lenox’s easter email marketing campaign started out with this beautiful on-brand email. The first easter email was sent on Sunday 23 February 2020, with the subject line: “Fill Your Easter Basket”. As you can see from the email template, Lenox is not offering any discounts for easter yet. They are merely


Second Email – FREE Shipping for Leap Day

The second email of the easter marketing campaign was sent 6 days later, on Saturday 29 February 2020 with the subject line: “FREE Shipping for Leap Day”.

It was actually Leap Day when this easter email was sent. Lenox promoted their Leap day free shipping while featuring their selection of Easter day products, from egg and bunny decorations to Easter-themed plates.


Third Email – Our Newest Catalog is Here

The Easter email sequence continues with a third email sent on Monday 2 March with the subject line: “Our Newest Catalog is Here”. For the first time, Lenox explicitly promotes their Easter line of products and pairs the announcement with discount codes to encourage purchases.


Fourth Email – Think Outside The (Gift) Box

Lenox’s fourth easter email was sent only one day later, on Tuesday 3 March 2020, with the clever subject line: “Think Outside the (Gift) Box”.


Fifth Email – You’re Invited

The fifth email in the easter email marketing series was sent on Wednesday 4 March, accompanied with the subject line “You’re Invited”.


Sixth Email – ☀️ More Sun = More Savings

The sixth email was sent on Sunday 8 March 2020, with the subject line “☀️ More Sun = More Savings”.


Seventh Email – Easier than an Egg Hunt

Lenox’s seventh email in the easter email series was sent on Monday 9 March 2020, with the subject line: “Easier than an Egg Hunt”.


Create a game for Easter

A great way to catch the attention of your subscribers and et them to engage with your easter email is to incentivize them with a game. Easter is known for Egg hunts. So that is an awesome and fun idea that you can develop for this year’s email.

Here are a few brands that used this strategy in their easter email templates.

Spin the Wheel to Win

In this email template, the subscriber is encouraged to spin the wheel and land on a lucky easter deal.


The wheel is actually an animated GIF and looks like this.


Crack the Easter egg

Another idea is to feature an easter egg in your email and get your email audience to crack the egg open to reveal the easter discounts behind it. Cracking the egg is basically clicking on the email CTA.

Look at this example. The egg GIF makes it super tempting to click on the CTA and free the gift that is trying so hard to get out.


Here’s another example that looks similar to the previous one. Even without the message, we still feel compelled to click on the USE CODE button, simply to reveal what’s hidden inside the easter egg.


Set up a virtual Easter egg hunt on your website

I love this idea! And I guarantee that your subscribers and customers will love it too. Not only is it a cool way to redirect your customers to your website, and get them to navigate through different product pages, but it also captures the spirit of Easter perfectly! Here are a few examples of how you can use this.

Announce the Easter egg hunt

The first thing you need to do is to obviously let your customers know that there you are organizing an easter hunt.  Take this email as an example. The email design is easter-themed, and the email copy explains very clearly the concept of the hunt.


Explain the rules of the Easter sales hunt

In this email example, the headline “The hunt is On” captures the subscribers’ attention and lets them know what the email is about, right away.

Next, the reward is highlighted in huge font “Hidden Easter Eggs up to 50% Off”. So now, the subscriber knows that there is a game to be played and a great reward to be won.


The next section of the email explains the rules of the game in a detailed way. This helps in making sure that everyone understands exactly how to collect the Easter eggs and win the prize. The email designer even included an example of what the easter eggs that need to be found look like.

And finally, the email wraps up with a CTA that stands out.

We love how well structured this email is.

Send Reminder Emails

After announcing your Easter egg hunt, and explaining the rules of the game to your subscribers, don’t be afraid to send them a nudge from time to time. Remind your subscribers that the easter egg hunt is still happening.



Create a riddle around Easter sales

Here’s another example of an Easter game that is a little different. This brand chose to create an easter-themed riddle. The clues help the customers find the products on sale.


Create a virtual Easter theme game

And finally, another example of a fun Easter game.

You don’t necessarily have to create an Easter egg hunt for your subscribers. Take this email example. This brand created a fun Easter-themed game that everyone can enjoy. You can even try it our now.


Note how the “Play the Game” button is not clear enough. Here’s how you can create compelling CTAs that stand out- unlike this email example.

We like this type of games and easter emails because it means that you don’t have to offer a discount or sales to celebrate Easter with your customers. This works especially for brands who don’t have easter products or brands who can’t really afford to lose margins on discounts.

Make your email stand out with a fun Easter GIF

Animated GIFs are a great and simple way to add a fun element to any type of email.

GIFs will help you catch the attention of your subscribers and keep them looking at your email for a little longer. In this email example, the GIF comes in the form of a cute white easter bunny that hops up out of nowhere to check out the offer highlighted in the email.

Simple and effective. The first thing that the subscriber will notice is the bunny hopping up. Their eyesight will follow the bunny’s and voila!

Besides being played up with the huge font and black frame, the email headline ($100 OFF) is put in the spotlight with the help of the hopping easter bunny.


Here1s another way of how to use a GIF in your email. This GIF checks all the Easter theme elements: Easter egg, Easter bunny ears, the actual expression “Easter”.

This GIF features an easter egg cracking to reveal the end of the Easter sales. It’s a great alternative to call attention to the end of your sales without using a countdown timer.


This is another take on the Easter egg cracking open. In this GIF, the egg reveals a Happy Easter message and one of the products that are discounted.


GIFs are also very useful to showcase different products, without creating a messy email template design. In this Easter newsletter, the brand is offering a 50% discount on different products that they chose to feature using an animated GIF.


This last example includes a text GIF. The great thing about animated images is that you can make them as simple or as complex as you would like. This easter GIF is the phrase “Hop To It”, hopping on screen. The GIF adds a little fun to the email and transforms it from a simple boring email that has nothing to do with easter to an Easter-themed email.



If you are looking for more inpsiration about GIFs in email, check out our article about How 30 Brands use GIFs in their Email Designs.

Add a countdown timer in your Easter email

Countdown timers in email have been proven to increase click-through rates. That’s because they create a sense of urgency and make recipients scared of missing out on the discounts and other deals. You can include a countdown timer in your Easter emails in a couple of different ways.

In this Easter email example, you can see that the brand chose to embed a countdown timer in a section underneath their offer (95% off everything).


If you don’t know how to embed a countdown timer is your email, check out our full guide all about it!

However, in this next example, the countdown timer is accompanied by an email copy that highlights the urgency of the offer even more: “But hurry, only 3 days to go”.


In this Easter email example, the countdown timer is featured above the call to action button, which makes it impossible to miss.


And finally, you can instill FOMO in your subscribers’ minds with a simple GIF a clock ticking like in this email. The watch hands spinning rapidly paired with the email headline “Time’s Running Out” make the offer seem like it’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and that time is running out.


Use the Easter aesthetic with Easter egg email design

You can’t say Easter without Egg! We talked about organizing an Easter egg hunt for your customers at the beginning of the post. But if you decide to skip the hunt, you can still take advantage of the egg-frenzy.

Easter egg-themed email designs are one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform your regular email into an Easter-themed email.

Think outside the box

There are brands that truly let their creativity shine during Easter and stand ut in cluttered inboxes. You can do that as well. Think about all the different themes that are related to Easter, and chose the one that you can associate your brand and products with.

Take this email for example. A big part of Easter is chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and melted chocolate fingers! The Flat Tummy brand capitalized on that and sent an email to their customer base about it. Their email message is basically reassuring customers that no matter how much chocolate they ate, they can still get back into shape.

The email subject line was “Too Many Easter Treats? We Got You Girl!”. This email is a great example of how great messaging can work on every occasion, and for any type of product.


Check out this next creative email example. This brand used the easter chocolate theme in a completely different way, that works perfectly for their products.


Easter x Spring

For a lot of people out there, Easter represents the unofficial beginning of Spring. If you want to send spring emails, but are a bit uninspired, think of adding a little touch of Easter magic. And voila! You can combine Easter and Spring emails to create a colorful email design like this one.


Or, you can simply celebrate the new season coming with a well-put email copy.


Spring is a time for new beginnings, and this is a theme that you can use for your spring email campaigns. It’s simple: Easter means Spring. Spring means spring cleaning! Check out how this home appliance company sent their easter/spring email.


And to finish off our spring-related emails, check out this example.


Looking at this email, you can notice right away that it has a spring theme.

The bright yellow and the beautiful daisy illustrations above and below the product images are a clear indication of the theme.

This is clearly a spring email. So you’re wondering, how is this related to Easter? Well, the answer lies in the subject line!

The subject line of this easter-spring hybrid is “What pairs well with half-priced Easter candy?”.

The answer is “Half-priced dresses. This is a fun take on Easter emails for a brand that doesn’t sell easter products (in this case, spring dresses). All you need to do is think outside the box!

Wrapping Up

Easter is fun! So don’t waste the golden opportunity to connect with your audience and help them uphold their traditions. Now that you got inspired by these awesome easter email campaigns, get started on designing your very own easter emails using one of our pre-built HTML easter emails. They are mobile responsive, compatible with all email clients and devices, and most importantly, they are free!