Chamaileon’s Pricing Plans


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Add collaborators

5 exports/month



Up to 5 seats

15 exports/month



Up to 10 seats

35 exports/month

Pro Team



From 5 to 10 seats

150 exports/month


We provide custom solutions to our partners based on their special email builder and email development process needs.

Prior to Chamaileon, it made sense that I was creating blasts for our company since I’m a graphic designer. But that quickly became a heavy workload for me alone. Since Chamaileon allows for a multi-user/team environment, I was able to train other employees in this user-friendly space which ultimately helped lighten my heavy workload.

Senior graphic designer

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Core features included in every plan
Flexible email builder
An easy-to-use email editor tool that enables the creation of cool on-brand email designs without coding knowledge.
Bulletproof email code generator
Reliable CTR across devices, since the emails look the same in most email clients and on every device automatically. No need to test or compile code.
HTML email import
Import your best-performing existing emails. Feel free to download any template from the web — you can import HTML emails to the editor and redesign them.
Unlimited test emails

While we cover your back and you don’t have to test every email client and device, you may have to send test emails to stakeholders, clients or your boss. You can send them unlimited times.

World-class image delivery network (CDN)
We host your images and deliver them as fast as possible with our own global Content Delivery Network. Privacy guaranteed, GDPR complies, and no tracking applied. In case of massive traffic, additional fee applies.

Synchronize emails directly to your current email service provider or CRM.

Pro team
Monthly prices from


Exports included
5 /month
15 /month
35 /month
150 /month

Team / Collaboration features

⟩ Share Preview Link
⟩ Access Level Control with Roles
⟩ Real-time Collaboration
⟩ Custom Access Control & Roles
⟩ Real-time Commenting

Marketing campaign productivity

⟩ Folder-like asset management
⟩ Merge tag support
⟩ Locked email templates
⟩ Folder-wide block (module) saving
⟩ Locked block/template parts
⟩ Default styles setting page
⟩ Version history – Activity log
⟩ A/B versioning
⟩ Translation API – Multi-language emails
⟩ Productivity analysis

Integrations included

⟩ Zapier
⟩ MailChimp
⟩ Oracle Netsuite Bronto
⟩ SalesForce – Pardot
⟩ MiniCRM
⟩ Custom integration


⟩ Help center
⟩ Chat & email support
⟩ Custom-tailored training materials
⟩ Dedicated priority support


⟩ Safe harbor and GDPR compliant data storage
⟩ Custom subdomain
⟩ On-premise installation
⟩ Custom-made email templates
⟩ Custom export/sync limits
Chamaileon is a fully GDPR compliant platform

Frequently asked questions

Do I need technical knowledge to use Chamaileon?
Not at all! Anyone can create cool responsive emails using our drag and drop builder – no coding skills needed.
Can I integrate Chamaileon with other applications (ESPs and CRM)?
Yes. Chamaileon supports integrations with Email Service Providers such as Mailchimp and Bronto.
You can also sync any marketing tool with Chamaileon using our Zapier integration features.
What do you mean by "Seats"?

Seats refers to the users who are invited to your workspace. Each user takes up one seat. The more seats you have, the more users you can add to your workspace. The monthly prices in the Premium and Pro plans all /seat prices. In the Pro Team plan any additional seats cost $40 dollars.

Can I invite my colleagues to my Chamaileon workspace?
Yes! You can invite members to your workspace, manage roles and permissions for each member and limit their access to specific folders inside your workspace.
How do I upgrade my account?
Only workspace owners (admins) can upgrade and switch between subscription plans. You can upgrade your plan by logging in to workspace and selecting a new plan from the drop-down menu.
What payment methods can I use?
You can sign up for Chamaileon via Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal. If you use a different payment solution, contact our team.
What currencies do you accept?
All pricing plans displayed are in US dollars. However, we also accept other currencies, such as EUR, AUD, GBD, and CAD.
When will I be billed? Will my subscription auto-renew?
The day you upgrade to a paid plan is the day you are billed every following month. Contact us if you prefer a custom annual plan.
Can I get an invoice?
Absolutely. Thanks to our automatic billing program, you will receive an invoice that matches your country’s requirements.
You can find and download your PDF invoice inside your workspace.
Can I change my billing information?
Certainly. The owner of the workspace can access and edit the billing information anytime.
Can I change my subscription plan anytime?
Yes. Chamaileon has a prorated billing system. This means you can change your plan at any date of the month and only be charged for the time you use the new plan, rather than the full month.
What if I exceed the export limit in my plan?
If you hit the export limit in your chosen plan, you can either upgrade your account or acquire more exports from the
“pay-as-you-go” export credit pack .
Can I restore my deleted account/data?
Chamaileon is GDPR compliant. That means that when you choose to delete your account, we cannot store your data anymore (i.e. your email designs) .
If you want us to store all your previous designs before deleting your account, contact our team.

If you have additional questions about the Pricing Plans or the Chamaileon Application, get in contact with our team. We are always happy to help!

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