Social Icons Element

Table of Contents

Drag and drop the social icons element from the ‘’Elements’’ tab on the left.

Social #

You can choose which kind of icon sets do you want:

  • Circle
  • Circle (transparent)
  • Flat
  • Square
  • Square (rounded)

Next, you can choose which kind of color scheme do you prefer:

  • Colorful
  • Back
  • Grey
  • White

You can delete the icon that you don’t want or you can change it too.

You can change it in the dropdown like in the image below.

Add the URL of your social media icon here.

Or add a new icon by choosing the icon from the icon set, adding the URL, and clicking ‘’Add new icon’’.

Next, you adjust the layout, align, size, and icon spacing.

Element Visibility #

You can choose whether you want your icons to be visible both on desktop and mobile or just on one of those devices.