Sending test email


Send test emails to colleagues or stakeholders. It will help you review your email before sending it out.

How to send a test email #


You should recheck your template, click ”Share”, and then click send a test email.

Input the email address where you want to send a test email and check your inbox. 

If the email address of the test recipient is not a Chamaileon user, he or she will first get a confirmation to accept test emails from Chamaileon.

Then click ”Send test email”.


What should I do if I am not receiving a test email? #


Firstly you need to check if you got a confirmation email to receive test emails from Chamaileon. If it’s not in your inbox primary inbox, please check the spam or junk folders as well.

When you confirm it then you will be able to receive test emails from Chamaileon. If you still can’t find that confirmation email you need to recheck if the user who sent you the email mistyped your email address. If that’s not the case, contact us via chat or email for support.