Exporting & Syncing

There are several ways in Chamaileon to export your email.

Whether you want to export the code of your email to your computer or you aim to synchronize it to your ESP/CRM you have to start here:

When you hover over an email card in the dashboard, an “Export” button appears.

export or sync from chamaileon

By clicking it a modal or wizard appears that helps you to get your email exported or synced as you desire and to adjust advanced details, like email language or Gmail promotion settings.

When you choose any of the ESP icons on that dialog then you need to first integrate Chamaileon with your email service provider. See more about setting up integrations here.

If you choose HTML, you can copy the HTML code and paste it to your email service provider manually or download it with or without the image assets as ZIP to insert your file into your email service provider on the next screen.

Additionally, you can access this export dialog from the Email Editor screen too, by clicking to the “Export” button in the top-right-hand corner.


Full list of advanced email code settings available upon export:

  • Email language
  • Gmail Promotion card setup
  • Outlook friendly background images – background images will work on Outlooks too. This is ON by default.
  • Encode URL-s – it encodes your URL-s in HTML so your ESP doesn’t change it
  • Improved accessibility – Add “role=presentation” automatically to your email code so screen readers can read it out loud.
  • Fully clickable buttons – It makes the whole button clickable. If your subscribers report button clicking issues try to turn it off. It’s ON by default.