Using the breadcrumbs in the top-left corner #

You can use the breadcrumbs to navigate inside the structure of your email.

Simply click on an element in the breadcrumbs to select it.

There are some structural elements listed there — like the Body, Box, and the Multicolumn.


Body = Background of the email #

Under the Body settings, you can add a background color and/or a background image to your email.

When using a background image, you have the option to decide its position and the repeat pattern as well.


Columns #

In order to add two elements next to each other, you will need to create Multicolumn structures using the drag-and-drop feature or the Columns element (located in the left panel).

After you selected any Multicolumn structure in the breadcrumbs, you’ll be able to resize the columns and adjust the:

  • Column sizes
  • Position
  • Borders
  • Background
  • Visibility settings, just like in case of Boxes

Additionally, you have the option to resize columns using the sizer icon that’s located between individual columns.


Box #

A container to adjust background, spacings, and visibility.

There are various settings you can adjust on each and every Box element, and this is what they mean:

– Padding = inner spacing

– Margin = outer spacing

– Borders = a line on the edge of the box

– Background

Plus there’s a visibility settings option that you can use to define if you want the Box to show on desktop/mobile or not.