Add a video to an email

Currently, Chamaileon doesn’t include a native video element, however, it is in the works.

When it’s ready, you’ll be able to paste the “video URL” into the editor. Based on the URL, the editor will create in an index image, and stamp a video play button on the image (based on your preferences).

A static image will be placed into the email, and it will be linked to the video itself. The primary reason for this solution is that videos cannot be played in most email clients. So a static image or an animated GIF is the right way to make something look like a video.

For now, here is a workaround for the static image with a play icon:

  • open a photo editor program (you can use any online free tool)

  • open an image to represent the video

  • save it as a new image

  • add the image to Chamaileon

  • add your video URL as a link to the image