About Chamaileon

Chamaileon helps you and your colleagues to create mobile-friendly email designs at scale, without writing a single line of HTML code. 


Content Management #

You can store your emails into different folders. It will help you be more organized. Especially if you are using different Email Service Providers or have multiple clients. If you are working in teams, you can create folders with your team members and only work on those designs together.


Flexible Design #


In Chamaileon you have the freedom to create any layout & adjust every detail to your needs. Create reusable components to keep things consistent.

Team Collaboration #


You can use Chamaileon you can invite additional members, create teams, and work together collaboratively with your colleagues. Share your design via a link or send a test email to collect feedback.


Bulletproof HTML code #


Your HTML code will render perfectly in most email clients. You can see exactly which ones in our compatibility list later on in this article.