The email builder that every Pardot customer deserves

You shouldn’t be required to mess with email HTML in any marketing automation platform, for every campaign.

Now is the time for change.


Create and manage email templates with ease

You don’t have to be an email developer to create professional templates.

Chamaileon enables you to translate any design into an email template without coding. It’s all drag-n-drop and easy as hell, while packs enough flexibility to avoid compromising on your brand identity.

Reduce time-to-market for emails from days to hours

Forget PSD-to-HTML email services or the waiting for a “specialist” to apply a small change.

You or any of your colleagues can easily change anything in an email campaign template in minutes and generate bulletproof email HTML automatically and copy it into Pardot.

Prior to Chamaileon, it made sense that I was creating blasts for our company since I’m a graphic designer. But that quickly became a heavy workload for me alone. Since Chamaileon allows for a multi-user/team environment, I was able to train other employees in this user-friendly space which ultimately helped lighten my heavy workload.

Susan | Senior Graphic Designer |ensembleiq_owler_20160916_193259_original

I could get rid of HTML editing and increase my productivity by 70%. Now I can easily create 10+ email templates per day!

Noel Cheung | Multinational Fashion Brand

I love that you don’t need to be a master coder to build a beautiful email. This platform is easy to work with and easy to customize for what your needs are. As someone who builds emails for multiple clients, it’s a game-changer.

Mallory A | Digital Marketing Consultant

Confident email HTML without coding

No more broken emails – Top quality email HTML guaranteed.

It’s easy to break any email HTML if you have to modify the code manually. With Chamaileon’s drag-and-drop interface you can add any Pardot specific code tags to your emails without coding and we’ll automatically make sure that the final HTML renders well in all email clients that matter.

Company-wide collaboration and email asset management

Design emails with your team, simultaneously, anywhere.

 Chamaileon offers sophisticated access control, user roles, asset management (email content blocks, images), simultaneous editing (like in google docs), and workflow support for teams of any size.

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Get rid of HTML tweaking and time-consuming email coding. Don’t get crazy at email templates again. Try Chamaileon!

Get rid of email code tweaks

Shorten time-to-market for emails

Eliminate email rendering issues

Chamaileon + Pardot