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Create highly customized email templates that fit your brand with our flexible Mailchimp template builder. Then connect your emails to Mailchimp!


Chamaileon VS Mailchimp email builder review

Mailchimp’s email editor is limited. And that limits your creativity. Mailchimp is great for sending emails. But when it comes to creating unique-looking, high-quality email designs, we know you need more. Check out our comparison for Mailchimp alternatives!

Mailchimp Chamaileon
Design email templates for free Yes Mark Yes Mark
Add a background image to any content type X mark Yes Mark
Granular padding and spacing options for all block types X mark Yes Mark
Customize the look of your CTA buttons (colors, fonts, width, padding, spacing) X mark Yes Mark
Choose which blocks to show or hide on mobile and desktop X mark Yes Mark
Save email blocks and reuse them for future campaigns X mark Yes Mark
Invite your clients and stakeholders to approve emails while controlling their access permissions. X mark Yes Mark
Fully clickable buttons X mark Yes Mark
Accessible email best practices X mark Yes Mark


Design HTML emails and connect them to Mailchimp

In your Chamaileon account, choose your email subject line, preview text, and Mailchimp email list. Then sync your email template with one click. Watch our Mailchimp tutorial on email integration or check out our step by step guide here.


Choose a ready-to-use template from the template gallery or start designing a template from scratch.


Invite your clients to your workspace. Control their roles and permissions to protect your privacy.


Synchronize your email template with Mailchimp seamlessly in one click.


Log in your Mailchimp account, you’ll find your email design waiting for you.

Create high quality emails and export to Mailchimp

Design cool emails with our highly flexible HTML email builder. Work with your stakeholders and push emails to Mailchimp efficiently.


No-code drag and drop email builder

You can build email templates with no coding skills using the free Mailchimp template builder. Choose one of our 100+ professionally designed email templates and edit it to suit your brand needs. You can also import your previous designs to Chamaileon or easily build an email from scratch.

Cut down email creation time by 90%

Building emails in Chamaileon gives complete control over your design. Our flexible email editor allows you to design emails that respect your branding needs.

Create, save and reuse email blocks for different campaigns
Edit the same email with multiple team members simultaneously and see changes being made in real time

Design emails with your team simultaneously!

Increase your productivity and optimize your email production workflow by inviting your stakeholders into your workspace. Maintain your privacy by inviting users to your workspace and controlling what they can do and see in the application.

100+ Free Mailchimp Templates

Our professional email designer helps you edit any one of our ready to use HTML email templates. Use our drag and drop email builder and let your creativity shine. The sky is the limit with our free selection of Mailchimp templates!

Design email templates & sync them to Mailchimp, automatically!

If you’re sick of the same old email designs, you can venture out and try our highly-flexible drag and drop builder. You won’t regret it!