Use an elevated email builder for IBM SilverPop

Use Chamaileon, the most flexible advanced email builder and email design collaboration platform, ready to use with SilverPop.


Boost your Programs with beautiful email designs that can’t be created with SilverPop’s built-in editor.

Save 90% of email production time by designing new email Layouts in minutes with

Different campaigns need different email designs

It’s hard to design a good email with the basic, 90’s looking email editor. You probably have a lot of emails to send out, but can’t really show off your full creative potential. Different email design is needed for different campaigns with different goals and audience.


Use the email block library

Re-use email content Blocks to creating variations, versions or A/B tests of your emails. You will be able to perfectly apply your branding to every email by using the pre-defined Blocks.

I could get rid of HTML editing and increase my productivity by 70%. Now I can easily create 10+ email templates per day!

Noel Cheung | Multinational Fashion Brand

Prior to Chamaileon, it made sense that I was creating blasts for our company since I’m a graphic designer. But that quickly became a heavy workload for me alone. Since Chamaileon allows for a multi-user/team environment, I was able to train other employees in this user-friendly space which ultimately helped lighten my heavy workload.

Susan | Senior Graphic Designer |ensembleiq_owler_20160916_193259_original

I love that you don’t need to be a master coder to build a beautiful email. This platform is easy to work with and easy to customize for what your needs are. As someone who builds emails for multiple clients, it’s a game-changer.

Mallory A | Digital Marketing Consultant

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