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Design better emails using advanced features made easy, no coding needed. Email design platform adapted to your team’s needs.


Build beautiful email templates & connect them to Sendgrid

It’ll be like you never left Sendgrid. Easy integration and excellent customer support.


Flexible WYSIWYG email builder: when it comes to designing emails with Chamaileon, the sky is your limit.


Connect Chamaileon to your Sendgrid with our pre-set integration. It’s easy, quick, and seamless.


Log in to your Sendgrid account, you’ll find your email design waiting for you.

Try our awesome suite of features

Create stunning email designs with your team

Drag and drop WYSIWYG email builder

Build on-brand email designs in a flash with our intuitive drag and drop builder.


Customize every aspect of your email templates


Multi-column nesting: Add as many columns as needed


Add image backgrounds for any element: email, row, CTA

Perfect HTML email quality: No coding needed

You won’t need to worry about HTML code: our 7+ year email code generator automatically produces perfect HTML, tested, and verified in Litmus and Email On Acid.

You and your team won’t need to bother with editing HTML modules. We got it covered.

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Create, save and reuse email blocks for different campaigns

Design, save, and reuse email blocks

Cut down on time-consuming and repetitive email designs with the save and reuse feature. Create email modules, save them under specific folders and reuse them in any email design you want.

Invite team members to your virtual workspace

Invite as many members to your workspace, and assign them specific roles and restrictions. Control what they can see and do in your workspace. You can even limit their access to certain folders only.

 Invite your team members and clients to your company workspace
Edit the same email with multiple team members simultaneously and see changes being made in real time

Design emails as a team, simultaneously

Design email templates with other members, at the same time. See changes as they are being made live

Review & comment on email designs, inside Chamaileon

Review email designs without needing to access your account. Leave comments and request changes. Approve final designs all in one place.

Receive change requests through comments made on the email preview. Respond to comments in the same thread.
Keep your email digital assets organized in different folders and sub-folders

Scalable workspace & image gallery

Save your email digital assets and brand images in folders and share them with the rest of your team.

Prior to Chamaileon, it made sense that I was creating blasts for our company since I’m a graphic designer. But that quickly became a heavy workload for me alone. Since Chamaileon allows for a multi-user/team environment, I was able to train other employees in this user-friendly space which ultimately helped lighten my heavy workload.

Susan | Senior Graphic Designer |ensembleiq_owler_20160916_193259_original

I could get rid of HTML editing and increase my productivity by 70%. Now I can easily create 10+ email templates per day!

Noel Cheung | Multinational Fashion Brand

I love that you don’t need to be a master coder to build a beautiful email. This platform is easy to work with and easy to customize for what your needs are. As someone who builds emails for multiple clients, it’s a game-changer.

Mallory A | Digital Marketing Consultant

Ready to redefine your email design standards?

Get started with one email design, you’ll get hooked. Discover more features as you go. Sync finished email templates to Sendgrid in a click.