Advanced Email Design & User Management Platform

Collaborate with your marketing team to design high-quality emails. Cut the time wasted on repetitive email design tasks and optimize your email production workflow.

Chamaileon + Bronto Marketing Platform
The best email marketing solutions for franchises, ecommerce, distributed teams, multinationals, and anyone who wants to guarantee effective team management and optimal email marketing results. 
Multi-User Management
Create a Separate Folder for Each Team
Create different folders for each location, and invite local teams to their specific folder.
Invite Users & Restrict their Access
Invite users to their specific folder and restrict their access to other folders.
Edit User Roles & Permissions
Assign different roles to each user in every folder (viewer, editor, or admin).
Advanced Email Design
Share Creative Assets
Share brand colors, fonts, logos, and images with your local teams, in one place. Organize your digital assets in folders, by theme or location.
Create and Save Email Blocks
Create, save, and share content blocks that your field personnel can reuse for their local email campaigns.
Share Emails As Templates
Save email designs as templates inside your company workspace. Local Teams can edit and reuse saved templates for their intended purposes.
User Roles & Collaboration
Personalized Email Messages
Allow Local Teams to edit email content with targeted messages for their local audiences, without compromising corporate email designs.
Multi-User Real Time Editing
Edit templates with other users, simultaneously, wherever you are.
Leave Comments & Approve Emails
Leave and resolve comments on each email template, just like you would using Google Docs. Review and approve finalized emails for each location.


Empowering Distributed Marketing Teams Or Maintaining Central Control? Why not both?
Empower your local marketing teams with the freedom to create powerful content, while staying on brand, and keeping an eye on every production process.
You have centralized control, can review, and approve locally created email campaigns.
Empowered field marketing teams, who create branded emails with local messaging & a consistent brand voice.
Corporate assets and data stored in the main Bronto account are protected.
Enjoy our Built-In Features for
We know how to create emails that work.
Flexible email builder and scalable asset management library
Easy to use drag and drop builder, no HTML code knowledge needed
Seamless and effortless integration with Bronto
Flawless email code that renders perfectly on every device and email client
Granular Padding and Spacing options
Save and reuse email blocks and email templates
Resize images and blocks. Change fonts and colors to match your branding guidelines
100+ unique looking, professionally designed, ready to use email templates
Think Central. Act Local.
Create a consistent brand across every location. Try out the Chamaileon + Bronto integration, the tool that will help you empower your local marketing teams while maintaining control over email marketing campaigns.