Email Design Made Easy for Teams

We know creating emails is time-consuming and frustrating. You spend hours tweaking lines of HTML code and thinking of a good email template design only to be discouraged by countless rendering issues and compatibility errors. Our email creator is the solution to your problems!

Free Drag and Drop email builder, no coding needed!

Create HTML emails online with our WYSIWYG email builder, without needing any coding skills. Simply use the drag and drop editor to create mobile responsive email marketing templates in a few minutes.

Flexible & Easy to Use Email Builder

Easy to use email builder that will help you create HTML emails and cut email design time in half. Produce high-quality responsive email newsletters and customize your emailer design to the pixel.

Mobile Responsive emails for every campaign

Our responsive email generator produces bulletproof email HTML which works on major email clients (all versions of Outlook) and supports all Apple and Android devices.

Email HTML tested & verified on Email on Acid and Litmus.

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1000+ Built In Email Blocks

Use the 100+ ready to use email templates or the 1000+ built in template blocks to build your emails. All you need to do is drag and drop the content block in your email layout, add your text and colors, and you’re good to go!

Import HTML Email Code & Convert it into Templates

Do you have some newsletter designs that you want to recreate? Import the HTML code to the email generator and it will automatically turn into a responsive email template, in a matter of seconds.

Email Content Management Tool & Scalable Workspace

Keep your email template digital assets neat and organized in folders, share your images and logos with other team members without needing to leave the email maker. 

Organize your email templates in separate folders

Create different folders in your workspace for different email campaigns and projects. Produce emails and store them in separate folders.

Organize your Images, Logos, and GIFs in Folders

The email builder automatically generates Image Gallery folders following your workspace folder structure. Organize your digital assets in folders, and share them with others using the editor.

Save & Reuse Email Content Blocks and Templates

Create email content blocks, save them, and reuse them for future campaigns. Produce email designs and share them as email templates in your workspace for everyone to reuse.

Lock Email Blocks to Prevent Others from Editing Them

Lock email content blocks using the Design Lock or the Full Lock to protect your templates and design from other members:

Email Collaboration Tool for Teams

Work faster with your team to produce twice as many beautiful email templates in half the time. If you’re wondering how to optimize your email production workflow, we’ve got the right email collaboration tool for you!

Invite Team Members & Assign them Roles

Invite team members to your workspace and restrict their access to specific folders: control which email templates they can and cannot see.




Perfect for your external partners, legal, & upper management



Perfect for team members, from designers and copywriters to proofreaders.



Perfect for team leaders & heads of marketing.

Edit Emails with Others at the Same Time

Collaborate on email campaigns with other team members simultaneously. Make edits inside the newsletter maker and watch them live. This feature is exclusive to Chamaileon and does not exist in other email template builders.

Review emails, leave comments and approve final designs

Invite your colleagues and clients to review email designs. They can leave comments, request changes, and approve or reject email designs.

Connect your Email Service Provider to Chamaileon

Connect your ESP to Chamaileon and sync your HTML emailer design in one click! Mailchimp, Bronto, Salesforce Pardot, Marketo, Campaign Monitor, and more. 

Increase your team efficiency and Optimize your Email Production Workflow!

Design beautiful email templates with high quality code, in a matter a minutes.