Establish your email design system with Chamaileon

Build an email design system where you can go from 1 to 100 emails real quick!

What is an Email Design System?

(and why you should care)

We believe that anyone can create beautiful email designs, but we can’t ensure that teams can sustain both the consistency and the quality of designs when collaborating, especially at a larger scale and a faster pace.

Email design systems are the proactive solution to improve the consistency of your email designs, protect your brand identity, and help your team scale up your email production workflows using Chamaileon.

Speed up email production

Create master email blocks and templates that you can reuse for different campaigns. Optimize your email production time by eliminating repetitive design tasks.

Maintain brand consistency

Respect your brand’s guidelines, as a team. With a pre-established design system, every email your team sends out will be on-brand.

Send more email faster

Shorten your team’s idea-to-send cycle. Send better emails, quicker. You’ll no longer need to take weeks to come up with email designs. 

Set up your email design system with Chamaileon

We know how hard it is to protect your brand identity across multiple channels. We want to help you create coherent emails, regardless of the target audience, email type, or message.

We define your email design needs together

We'll build 5 master templates for different email types

We'll design 15 reusable email content blocks

We'll create an Email Design Guideline book for your brand

We adapt to your email design needs

Email design system - chamaileon

Our team can also:

Build dynamic email templates

Accessibility-ready emails

Perfect code emails, with bulletproof rendering

Provide ongoing design and dev support

Create a brand design from scratch if needed

Cut down email production time while maintaining brand consistency

Our drag and drop email builder was made for fast-growing, agile teams. We help you build hundreds of on-brand email templates in record time.

Design master blocks and reuse them

Instead of building the same email designs again and again, simply save your most used email blocks (email header and footer, newsletter blocks, etc.) and embed them in new template designs.

Lock Email Content Blocks

Protect your email designs by locking certain parts of your layout. You can use the design lock to protect your design layout while allowing others to edit the block content (modify text, replace images, add links, etc.). Or use the full lock to lock the entire block, preventing all users from making changes (perfect for legal footers and branded blocks)

Roll out on-brand emails faster.


Guaranteed Design Consistency


Incredible Design Flexibility


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