Email builder comparison

Looking for the Best Drag n Drop Email Builder?

Email marketers look for different things in their drag and drop email builder of choice. To help you make an educated decision, we conducted thorough research and compiled a detailed email builder review of the main three HTML builders: Chamaileon, BeeFree, and Stripo.


Drag and Drop email builders allow you to create responsive emails without needing any HTML knowledge

Stripo is a free online email designer based in Ukraine. We will be conducting a thorough Stripo review and provide you with Stripo alternatives.

Chamaileon is an online email builder and email content management platform. We conducted this objective Chamaileon review, with no bias.

Beefree by Mailup, an Italian ESP, is an email editor free to use. You'll find our Beefree review and alternatives down below.

Stripo vs Beefree vs Chamaileon 

In this drag and drop email builder comparison, we will compare objectively between,, and to help you determine which free HTML email editor works for you the best.

Email design flexibility



Show or hide an email block on mobile or desktop Chamaileon Chamaileon Chamaileon
Drag and drop predesigned social share elements Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,
and Twitter
17 Social follow icons 13 Social media icons
Email friendly fonts 20 fonts 26 fonts 36 fonts
Insert columns into your email layout Maximum 8 columns Maximum 4 columns As many columns as needed
Create nested elements X X Chamaileon
Restructure rows and columns' width and number X X Chamaileon
Flexible padding options Maximum 40 pixels
Move up by 5 pixels at a time
Maximum 60 pixels
Move up by 5 pixels at a time
No pixel limit
Move up by 1 pixel a time
(Granular padding options)

Embedded image editor Chamaileon Chamaileon Chamaileon
Import email HTML and edit the generated email X X Chamaileon
Insert a code element in your email template Chamaileon Chamaileon Chamaileon
Choose your email's language attribute X X Chamaileon

Branding consistency in email design & Email asset management



Lock email blocks to prevent others from editing them X Chamaileon Chamaileon
Save and reuse email blocks Chamaileon Chamaileon Chamaileon
Organize saved email blocks in folders X Chamaileon
All saved rows are stored
in one file called
"My Saved Rows"
You can save blocks in any
one of the folders in your
Organizing email templates in folders Emails are organized by projects
(Only 1 project is allowed in the free plan)
Emails are organized
by projects
Emails are organized in
folders and sub-folders
Unlimited number, even in the free plan
Organize images in folders in the image gallery X Chamaileon Chamaileon
Save emails as templates X Chamaileon Chamaileon

Email collaboration for teams



Invite team members to your company account Chamaileon Chamaileon Chamaileon
Assign different roles for each user Owner, admin, designer, writer,
proofreader, and viewer
Admin, manager, editor, contributor Admin, editor, viewer
Edit email designs with other members at the same,
from any where
X X Chamaileon
Shared email preview link Browser preview only Browser preview only Mobile and desktop previews
Review email templates, leave comments,
request changes, and approve or reject email designs
X Chamaileon

Why choose Chamaileon over BeeFree or Stripo?

If you are looking for Stripo alternatives or Beefree alternatives, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the reasons why you should use Chamaileon instead of other email builders.


Extremely Flexible Email Builder

Other email builders promote flexibility in their email design options, but continuously restrict you with pre-defined rows, column numbers, and padding options. Use Chamaileon, and discover what it truly means to have all the design freedom you need.

Fair and Adaptable Pricing Plans

We offer fair pricing that portrays the quality of our services. We have flexible packages that can be altered and adapt to your specific needs.

Check out our pricing plans ➡

Perfect Email Code, Always

HTML email code generated by Chamaileon’s email builder is tested and verified by email testers like Litmus and Email On Acid. You don’t need to think about mobile responsiveness or rendering issues anymore. We’ve got it covered.

Team Collaboration Features For an Optimized Email Design Process

Add new users to your workspace, give them different roles and access permissions to control what they can do and see.


Protected Email Designs

Use the Block Lock feature to protect your email designs and make sure that no one from your team can mess them up. Choose between the Full lock or the Design lock for better control over your designs.


Personal Library of Email Digital Assets

Create custom email modules and save them for future email campaigns. You don’t need to waste time designing the same email elements over and over again. Simply save and reuse content blocks!

Preset connections with your ESP

You can seamlessly export your finished emails to your Email Service Provider of choice. Chamaileon connects directly to Mailchimp, Bronto, Sales Pardot, and many more.

Find Your ESP ➡


Privacy is of the utmost importance

We take your data seriously and are 100% GDPR compliant.



White labelling at its finest

You can use our drag and drop email builder as your own using our “White-Label” option.

Email design system

We help you create your brand’s email design system, define your email needs, build master templates, and ensure a continuous follow-up.

Learn more ➡

Prior to Chamaileon, it made sense that I was creating blasts for our company since I’m a graphic designer. But that quickly became a heavy workload for me alone. Since Chamaileon allows for a multi-user/team environment, I was able to train other employees in this user-friendly space which ultimately helped lighten my heavy workload.

Susan | Senior Graphic Designer |ensembleiq_owler_20160916_193259_original

I could get rid of HTML editing and increase my productivity by 70%. Now I can easily create 10+ email templates per day!

Noel Cheung | Multinational Fashion Brand

I love that you don’t need to be a master coder to build a beautiful email. This platform is easy to work with and easy to customize for what your needs are. As someone who builds emails for multiple clients, it’s a game-changer.

Mallory A | Digital Marketing Consultant

Your email quality is our priority

We are constantly updating our software and adding new features. We have amazing customer support and we will always be there for you. Try out our drag and drop email builder, and you won’t be sorry. No credit card needed.