Design Emails Collaboratively

Get organized.
Optimize email production.
Design emails together without coding.

Work Together to Design High Converting Emails

Email Marketing Collaboration in One Shared Workspace

Get together with your team to design beautiful, branded emails. Interact together on email templates using the editor and spare time and efforts wasted going back and forth on approvals.

Email Content & Asset Management

Optimize your email design workflow by managing your email marketing templates and resources in one shared company-wide workspace.
Store custom templates in specific folders and organize them by teams, clients, theme or projects.

Flexible Account Roles in a Scalable Workspace

Invite and manage users and their roles for every position in your email marketing team, from email copywriters to email designers, and even external stakeholders or clients. Restrict or allow what users can view and edit to oversee your team’s email production process.

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Design Responsive Emails in a Glance

Drag and Drop Email Builder

Chamaileon’s drag and drop email builder is designed to help you create

- no coding needed.

Flexible Email Template Editor

Use the widest range of email-friendly fonts and the most flexible Sizing & Spacing options to design email modules that are coherent with your brand guidelines – every time.

Branded Email Modules Library

Reduce time and effort wasted on repetitive tasks: Design your custom email modules and save them into your brand’s asset library for future email marketing campaigns. Let your team re-use these blocks anytime without changing the design.

Prior to Chamaileon, it made sense that I was creating blasts for our company since I’m a graphic designer. But that quickly became a heavy workload for me alone. Since Chamaileon allows for a multi-user/team environment, I was able to train other employees in this user-friendly space which ultimately helped lighten my heavy workload.

Senior graphic desinger

Create Mobile-Ready Email Templates

Emails That Look Great on Mobile and Outlook

To ensure optimized click-through rates our email generator provides perfect looking emails on 54 different email clients including all versions of Outlook and Gmail including small screens like Apple and Android devices too.

Email Tester Tools such as Litmus and Email On Acid attest to the quality of our email html code and great responsiveness.

Without any coding background, marketers export perfect quality email html with a click of a button and export or sync it with ESP-s or CRM tools.

Seamless Integration with your Current Email Marketing Stack

Chamaileon’s email generator is 100% integrated with MailChimp, Bronto, and Zapier which enables more email integrations with other email service providers and CRM tools. Integration with  many more service providers under development.

You are able to switch ESP anytime and preserve all your email assets within Chamaileon that serves you as your email designer asset management.

We support dynamic email tags and adding ESP specific links and tags (unsubscribe tags, merge tags) with a custom code element.

Emails that look great on every screen sizes

Responsive emails don’t mean that your email should look the same way on every screen size and on any device.

All devices and screen sizes have their own purpose and Chamaileon lets you reflect on that by controlling each element to be displayed on mobile or desktop viewports.

Are you reading this as a possible ESP or CRM partner?

Get in touch with us at and let’s see if we can help you improve the email builder of your service.

Responsive emails, hundreds of custom templates with calls to action that are clickable every time are all really appreciated by your customers whether they send out email campaigns or transactional emails.

Free responsive HTML email templates

Create email templates from scratch or start your email design process with one of our professionally designed, ready-to-use free responsive html email templates from our email templates library.

You can also import your best performing email templates to Chamaileon with our unique HTML email import function.

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Email Marketing Resources

Email Marketing Strategy

Email are only small drops in the ocean of all marketing efforts of a company. Think strategically and use our resources to drive growth to your business – even if it’s SaaS startup or ecommerce store.

Email Design Inspiration

From the design of the best email header to the footer, from the best New Years Eve templates to the Christmas Emails samples you can find advice and guidance to make the best-looking, coolest email possible.

Guides & Best Practices

All email campaign has its own challenges. It is hard to create and design the most efficient email campaign from scratch. We aim to help you with guides for occasional and holiday-based email campaigns.

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